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Artemis Gallery specializes in Greek, South Italic, Attic, Etruscan, Roman, Egyptian, Near-Eastern, Far-Eastern and Pre-Columbian antiquities and ancient art. Lifetime authenticity guarantee. Worldwide shipping.

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Ziba Beauty

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Where we have endeavored to bring you all the ancient beauty secrets of the far east for the past 15 years. Let us gently pull you away into our herbal soothing world. You will forget where you have come from and enter our world of relaxation. As you float into our stress reducing environments, we promise you the most unique and fragrant environment to take your daily cares away. Your Body, Face, and Mind are ours to soothe and rejuvenate. Our state of the art 5600 square foot salon in Artesia, also offers special Day of Beauty Packages for your special events, and occasions. We invite you to host a shower, give yourself a treat, or a buy a loved one a gift card, to an affordable luxury of beauty, at one of our six Ziba locations.

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Welcome to! Have you ever thought about being the star of a romance novel? Have you ever dreamed about a love story described in a romance novel? So why not become the star of a personalized romance book that actually makes you and your Hunny the stars? If you spend a few minutes of your time and have a browse around this web site, you can discover that now it is possible and it is very simple and quick; in fact, at you can built your personalized romance novel and have it within a week. You can even get one of their new ebooks within a day! is an easy to use web site, where you can find several kinds of personalized romance novels and ebooks. You can be the star of your love book; in fact, throughout the book you order, you will find details about yourself and your love. Details like eye and hair color, your best friends, where you work, eye and hair color and more. You can even add your photo to the cover. Each book comes in paperback or hardback. And each comes in a WILD or MILD Version so you can choose how spicy you want your book.

You’ll find books like “Cruise Alaska,” that is a journey along the wild and rugged Inside Passage, a 1,000-mile waterway whose width and depth make it perfect for smooth sailing through some of the most pristine wilderness on earth. Boarding a luxury cruise ship in Vancouver, the couple visit popular ports like Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway. Bald eagles, Humpback whales, the Northern Lights, salmon, totem poles, and glaciers all enter the action before gold fever reveals a deeper meaning to finding riches. Or “New Mexico Nights,” that features the Land of Enchantment. The sweeping desert and mountain grandeur, the distinctive light that has inspired countless artistic creations, the sacred history of an ancient people, plus much more come together in this tale of discovery, love and exploration, which is as hot as local chile peppers. Albuquerque’s hot-air ballooning and aerial tramway, Taos’ quirky culture and natural hot springs, and Santa Fe’s Canyon Road art galleries all lead to plenty of carefree fun until an inspiration of an unusual nature puts an unexpected price on the couple’s escapade. So don’t wait and come to shop at

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Sands of Time Antiquities

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Get a rare glimpse of the ancient past at this fascinating online gallery. Those with a passion for anything from Roman gladiators to Egyptian kings are sure to find something of interest. Featuring exquisite and rare ancient art from the mighty Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Near Eastern cultures, Sands of Time Ancient Art stocks a wide variety of objects dating from 4000BC to the 8th century AD. Sands of Time also carry a unique range of jewelry worn by the ancients, just the thing for that unforgettable gift. A written guarantee of authenticity accompanies every artifact.

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Eden Botanicals

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Eden botanicals committed to the ancient art and science of aromatherapy. Eden botanicals is the exclusive importer of a full line of crystallized essences. Eden botanicals makes the finest amber essence oil.

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Gyre Music

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Gyre offer to his customer a selection of medieval songs, performed by Frank Wallace and Nancy Knowles, the two artist who founded the website. They, as people specializing in medieval music (with medieval instruments on their backs), they followed the ancient pilgrimage routes on foot over the Pyrennees mountains to Montserrat, near Barcelona, famed since time immemorial as a “mountain of miracles”. The miracle that changed their ears forever on that trip was the experience of singing medieval chants and part songs in the haunting acoustic of the many 11th and 12th century Romanesque churches of Catalunya. From this amazing experiences now each one can fell the same emotions and sensations buying their items, to heard this magic music comfortably at home! A full experience that will made your life richer, the voices match the period: a plain, sweet and wistful soprano, a rich baritone that carries the introspection, and even melancholy of much of the music!

Gyre Music is a small company founded in the year 2000 by Frank Wallace and Nancy Knowles. Owned and operated by artists, the quality and integrity of this products is guaranteed, and all this medieval get has inside an overwhelming sensation of something ancient, magic, secret. It is a timeless treasure. All steps in the production process, including the website, is carried out by the artists and occasionally their artist colleagues, from the conception to the recording, editing, photography and design. The excellence of this products is a testament to the power of art when given freedom from constraint. Modern technology has allowed them to create in this way. But they don’t offer only music, but publications like Poetry or sheet music for guitar, voice & guitar and lute solo!

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Museum Store Company

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Museum Store Company : Museum Store, Historic Jewelry, Art, Artifact, Museum Shop Art History & Jewelry Reprodutions. From greek mythology, ancient egypt, ancient greece, egyptian, medieval, aztec, mayan, decor, history, unique gifts to unusual gifts, fossils, to art history and antique jewelry! Museum Store Company : Description

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